Recyklační poradenství

We process waste for a clean and prosperous world.




Circular economy products

Our company is a leader in the circular economy and we specialize in offering a comprehensive solution, from sorting to the supply of waste processing technology to quality products made from recycled materials.
Recycling, material reuse and high added value. These are the basic principles on which the products presented and offered by MODULAR POINT s.r.o. are based. The products offered by our company are widely used in many areas, both in the Czech Republic and around the world, all products offered are based on the principle of a zero-waste economy.

We can offer a wide range of products for use in many fields, for example – auto industry, construction, footwear, furniture, rolling stock, white goods, green roofs, playgrounds, sports tracks, noise barriers, etc.

All our offered products meet the high demands of our customers, the quality of the products is ensured by an advanced production control system and they are tested in laboratories in the Czech Republic and abroad.



  • a complete range of high-quality geotextiles (for linear constructions, rehabilitation of slopes/landfills, industrial construction, etc.)
  • technical textiles (use in furniture industry, packaging industry, healthcare, security industry, etc.)
  • acoustic and thermal insulation (use in construction, rolling stock, white goods, etc.)
  • non-woven textiles for the automotive industry
  • retention systems (use for green and blue roofs, railway tracks, park improvements, golf courses, etc.)
  • products from recycled rubber (noise reduction for trams, railway lines and highways, children's and sports playgrounds, running tracks, horse stables and paddocks, interlocking paving, industrial floors, anti-vibration boards, panels for shooting ranges, under-rail pads, etc.)