Recyklační poradenství

We process waste for a clean and prosperous world.




Recycling technologies

We cooperate with a wide group of innovators of sorting and recycling technologies not only in the Czech Republic but also around the world. Thanks to this mutual cooperation, we offer solutions for end markets with waste materials.

Examples of input raw materials are for example: LDPE bags and packaging, flexible foil, glass, OCC, HDPE bottles, PET bottles, beverage and food packaging, mixed plastics, beverage cups, solar panels, used motor oil, gastro waste, used clothing and technical textiles, etc.


Technology offer

We currently cooperate with manufacturers and operators of waste processing technologies:

  • sorted plastic and glass
  • sorted beverage packaging
  • sorted paper and plastic
  • sorted biological waste
  • gastro waste
  • clothing textile and textile from industrial production
  • used pneumatics


Sorting lines have specific features and advantages – circular shape, low energy requirements, flexible settings according to client requirements – number of sorts, variable setting of conveyor speed, etc.

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